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Coin Appraisal in Boston, MA

When it's time to sell your coins or review the value of your collection, come to our shop for a free verbal coin appraisal in Boston, MA. The Boston Coin offers coin collection appraisal for anyone who requests our services—for both seasoned collectors and novice hobbyists. The goal of our coin shop is to enrich the knowledge of the numismatic community and experience the rewards of understanding its fascinating history. At the same time, we invite you to trust our specialization in coin authentication, so you can be sure that the coin you have is genuine.

Coin Appraisal Boston MA

Accurate Coin Collection Appraisal

Our expert staff enjoys a stellar reputation for performing open and honest coin collection appraisals. We ensure you never feel pressured into a sale. Trust our longtime expertise to gain knowledge about the differences in the catalog and retail price, the wholesale bid, and the face value of the coin or currency you are looking to purchase. The former three are dependent upon the market at the time of appraisal, while the latter is stagnant.

You can count on us to let you know how all of this will affect the coin's value in the future and what that means for your investment. Work with the professionals who care about their coin collection and want to help you complete your own.

Professional Coin Authentication

When appraising an item for you, we also perform a coin authentication, which involves analyzing the following five criteria points: the strike, preservation, luster, color, and attractiveness. If all of these factors are found to be high in quality, the coin can be easily authenticated, and its value increases as a result. When you need your coin authenticated by experts, rely on us for accurate coin grading and a reputation for quality assurance.

Coin Grading to Ensure Purity

There are a couple of factors that are more important than others when coin grading, such as eye appeal, cleaning, and damage to the coin. While the eye appeal seems the most obvious choice in ranking, it is important to note that you should never attempt to clean your coin yourself if there's a blemish on it. Coins are difficult to clean, and self-cleaning can often result in more damage. Leave any cleaning to the professionals, or simply leave your coin as-is.

We also grade your coin or collection by taking into account the tone of the surface and the dye varieties and minting errors on your coin. Depending upon the type, this can increase the value of your coin, meaning a better investment for you.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment with our coin dealer to have your personal coin collection appraised. We proudly serve Boston, Quincy, Newton, Lexington, and Milton, Massachusetts.

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